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Exclusively Focused On Divorce, Custody And Other Family Law Matters

The best divorce attorney knows divorce begins as the most emotionally charged event any person goes through in life, and then the tensions involved can rise to disastrous levels. Divorce lawyers navigate clients through complex, and often changing divorce laws in Michigan. Your best bet to getting through the maze is working with a divorce attorney law firm having the best divorce lawyers in Troy Michigan.

Mellin Robinson is a law firm in Troy Michigan with the best divorce lawyers. Mellin Robinson divorce lawyers help clients through the quagmire of divorce getting them the best possible divorce settlement for the clients interests.

A Mellin Robinson Divorce Lawyer Will:

  • File for divorce

  • Negotiate spousal support and alimony settlements

  • Negotiate child support settlements

  • Negotiate child custody settlements

  • Negotiate property division settlements

Filing for Divorce in Troy Michigan

Divorce lawyers have insight benefiting their clients when filing for divorce. The divorce lawyers of Mellin Robinson can file divorce papers in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties with the additional knowledge of family court judges serving in these counties.

What that means to you is the benefit of insight to the temperament your divorce filing will be subject to. As well as presenting the filing to the court, the divorce lawyers at Mellin Robinson have an outstanding reputation among our peer lawyers and the judges that hear our cases.

All this added insight your divorce lawyer at Mellin Robinson Divorce Attorneys brings helps you in the negotiated settlements to your case.

Negotiating Divorce Settlements in Troy Michigan

The settlement your case arrives at depends on the negotiation skills of your divorce lawyer. The most important considerations being children and their ongoing family support. Then, the considerations turn to financial settlements including property, investment, cash, and business interests

Spousal Support and Alimony in Troy Michigan

There is no single, simple formula for spousal support in Troy Michigan. A good divorce lawyer understands spousal support is decided case by case. They are ordered if one of the divorcing parties looks inadequately supported or financially worse off from the settlement.

Because spousal support is case by case and there is no formula, a divorce lawyer must be savvy enough to negotiate your case to an equitable settlement solution.

Not all divorce lawyers are created equal in this capacity, but the Mellin Robinson Divorce Attorney Law Firm has a proven record of success. Mellin Robinson has successfully negotiated divorces involving complex business arrangements as well as extensive financial portfolios.

Child Support and Child Custody in Troy Michigan

No issue is as important as how children are treated in divorce proceedings. Mellin Robinson Family Law works to ensure children receive the best from all parties. That means proper financial support, and proper family support.

Not just simple custody, but all considerations including extended family relationships, visitation, future planning, and current financial support all go under consideration with a divorce lawyer from Mellin Robinson Family Law.

The Divorce Lawyers of Mellin Robinson in Troy Michigan

Mellin Robinson Firm lawyers are respected divorce lawyers in Michigan. Our divorce lawyers handle cases in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb county. Our goal is simple: Provide our clients with the best representation possible.

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Mellin Robinson, P.C. provides you with the best divorce attorney, divorce lawyer and family law attorney we service Birmingham, Clawson, Oakland County, Rochester, Royal Oak and Troy Michigan as well as surrounding areas.

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