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Exclusively Focused On Divorce, Custody And Other Family Law Matters

The decision to end a marriage is a difficult one, and it creates a number of equally difficult decisions regarding child custody, parenting plans, property division and other financial matters. If you face divorce, it is critical to work with an experienced family law attorney who will take the time not only to understand the unique aspects of your situation, but also gain a clear picture of your goals and what you want your post-divorce life to look like.

At the law office of Mellin Robinson, P.C., in Washington Township, we represent individuals in divorce and all of the complex issues related to it. Our attorneys focus entirely on family law issues. As a result, we have a thorough knowledge of Michigan family law and a stellar reputation among other family law attorneys and family court judges in Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and beyond.

Michigan currently does not recognize same-sex marriages. In some instances, however, we are able to help same-sex couples, making property division, child custody and other matters easier to resolve in the event that the relationship does not last.


Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, which means a person seeking divorce merely has to file a complaint in circuit court in the county where one of the parties resides stating there has been a breakdown of the marriage and there is no reasonable likelihood that it can be restored.

The individual who files for divorce is known as the plaintiff and the party who is served with divorce documents is the defendant. Whether a party is the plaintiff or the defendant plays no role in the outcome of decisions on child custody, child support, spousal support or any other divorce matter.

Some divorces can be completed in as few as 60 days. Divorces in which minor children are involved have a 180-day waiting period, but in certain circumstances a portion of the waiting period can be waived. During this time, we work with our clients to resolve the important issues that will help shape their post-divorce lives. Often, we are able to reach agreement on these issues without the need to litigate.

Our lawyers are experienced in negotiations and mediation as well as litigation. We can protect your rights in divorce, whether you expect decisions between you and your spouse to be made amicably or there is a need to litigate.


At the law firm of Mellin Robinson, P.C., we are happy to assist those parties seeking an amicable divorce. When a husband and wife have agreed to end their marriage but are capable of cooperation and maintaining communication, then the divorce process can proceed smoothly and quickly. The attorneys at Mellin Robinson will represent one party and prepare documents pursuant to the agreement of the parties and guide the client through the court system with ease. An attorney cannot represent both parties in a divorce action as such practice poses a conflict of interest and is unethical.

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What is your legal issue?

Contact our family lawyers for a free virtual constultation.

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